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October has been a busy month-the hustle and bustle of my daily work with clients, working with all my athletes back in the swing of things as they begin their regular seasons, attending workshops for my own personal development, developing products and online courses (you are going to love what is coming down the pipeline for all of you…:), and my personal favorite, on the road delivering 10 power-packed workshops.

I say my personal favorite because I just LOVE any opportunity to get out and spread the performance gospel to those who have a hunger for it. I have been blessed to be in front of some pretty incredible audiences this month-from my high-performing athletic teams, to my colleagues at IQ Offices, to a group of inspiring female leaders at Baxter Pharmaceuticals, to a group of young adolescent teenagers struggling with self-esteem and self-confidence issues

I have been asked to speak in more than one of these workshops about the power of influence. It seems that people are curious to learn more about how to have greater levels of influence in their lives, in their sport, in their work, in their health, in their finances and in their relationships. The overwhelming call right now from all of my clients is that they want tips, tricks and strategies that give them greater influence over their results.

Here is what I have offered them this month:

+ Influence starts with you-you are responsible for your results. You are collaborating with every experience you have. You create your results. When you become responsible for your results, you also become response-able. Giving you the power to influence each and every result in your personal and professional lives.

+ It starts with your beliefs-they are the seeds that grow into your results. Your thoughts drive your emotions, which drive your decisions to act or behave in ways that produce either positive or negative outcomes.

+95-97% of your choices every single day are made on autopilot-those autopilot choices come from your subconscious mind-that part of the brain that is programmed by every single experience you ever have. Those experiences create a blueprint of beliefs, which tell you what you can or cannot do, what you should or should not do and thus, what you will or will not accomplish.

+How you influence yourself will determine how you influence the world around you-did you know that your communication with others is mostly non-verbal? Body language accounts for 55%, vocal tonality accounts for 38% and words accounts for 7%. Go ahead and try to pay attention to all of that at once-not going to happen. If you really want to influence your results and how you communicate with other people, focus on how you are influencing yourself. If you believe what you are saying (your beliefs are congruent with your desired outcome), that will come through loud and clear in your non-verbal communication, and then others will too.

Most of us don’t realize that we are collaborating with our results. We have these cleverly thought-out stories that explain all the reasons why we are NOT responsible for the results we are generating. The biggest mistake we all make is to give up that responsibility. When you claim ownership over your level of influence you regain that very important sense of empowerment-and trust me, when it comes to changing unsatisfactory results in your life or high-achievement of any meaningful goals, you need that very important sense of empowerment.

Remember that the point of power is in the choice-that very important choice to take ownership over your results. Doing so is the first step towards gaining the power to influence your personal and professional levels of success.

Until next time, make every performance count!

-Coach Susan

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