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Do you ever wonder how to set goals in a way that ensures you will achieve them?…
I have been getting asked this question a lot recently-how big should my goals be?  Should they be small and safe or big and risky?  What size is best when aiming to keep motivation nice and high where it needs to be to achieve those really important performance outcomes?

Of course, I have a theory on this one.  I know we have all heard of the S.M.A.R.T goal setting system by now (Specific-Measurable-Achievable-Realistic-Time Oriented). While this system may work perfectly fine for the average Joe, most of my clients are anything but average and they certainly are not looking to set average goals.  That is why I like to challenge the whole concept of setting goals that are “achievable” and “realistic.”

I like to raise the glass ceiling on goal setting and instead go after what I refer to as RISKY goals.  You know, the ones that get your heart pumping when you get out of bed in the morning.  The ones that get you saying to yourself “boy am I going to have to really push myself hard today to get to that goal.”  The ones that automatically set you up to expand and grow every single day in pursuit of something meaningful and awe inspiring.

The trick here is not to leave it as just one BIG outcome goal wayyyyy out in the distance.  The trick is to get strategic and figure out all the little baby-step goals you would have to achieve to get there.  I teach my clients to identify any and all obstacles standing between them and their BIG outcome goal and then I have them immediately come up with solutions, which become their process goals (again remember baby-steps are best here).

The secret to the effectiveness of this approach is that breaking your BIG outcome goal down into digestible mini-goals ensures that your motivation stays high.  Your brain must stay in a state of “I CAN” when going through the process of change, growth and achievement.  Looking at mini-goals the brain knows it can achieve lowers the resistance to change and following through.  The more this happens, the more confident you will grow seeing all the little mini-victories and before you know it, you will be riding the waves of momentum all the way to that finish line.

I have achieved some of my most important outcomes using this system.  Remember what I always say folks-preparation is THE mother of all skill-and goal-setting and getting is the #1 performance skill in your performance toolbox.  Take the time to play with this strategy yourself.  Test out a few different long-term goals.  Make them RISKY and meaningful.  Then get strategic and break that BIG outcome goal down into mini-goals (flipping obstacles into solutions).  Keep track of the victories. Stop and notice your confidence growing with each and every one.  Then sit back and smile as you notice the momentum start to build and carry you down the path to that risky finish line.

Staying motivated has never been so easy.

Remember, make every performance count!
-Coach Susan

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