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The WINTER OLYMPICS are here and man am I pumped up! Watching the athletes compete on the world stage this morning really inspired my thoughts into action. The Olympics always do. In fact, I just had the best run thinking about all of it. Something about seeing world-class athletes compete after dedicating the last 4 years, preparing for this very moment, got me thinking about how we train and prepare for our big podium moments in life.

Having a goal like competing in the Olympics, representing your country and winning a gold medal is the perfect example of what all of us high-achievers should have in mind when setting ourselves up for high performance results-raise that glass ceiling. I have always said that it is better to have a risky goal than a safe “realistic” achievable one. Here’s why:

1) Raising the glass ceiling on your expectations for success immediately increases the amount of energy, effort and resources you will have to expend to get there. Without changing anything else, you have already guaranteed you will end up further ahead.

2) Bigger goals mean bigger inspiration. There is nothing better than getting out of bed in the morning with a goal that gets your heart racing. When you want something really, really badly you will do almost anything to get it!

3) When you have an Olympic-style goal in mind, it keeps you hyper-focused. Think of how these athletes train for their big moment. I know the hockey girls are living out in Calgary at the Olympic Oval months in advance. Morning til night, they are training hard on the ice, off the ice, in the gym, in the classroom, watching video, learning plays, working on their mental game, etc. Big goals bring big discipline and a whole lot of commitment.

4) Big goals also mean big confidence. You have no other choice really. You can’t play scared and stay small when it is a big goal you are after. It immediately propels you forward into action and that my friends will automatically grow your confidence muscles.

Nothing can stop you when you have a big OLYMPIC-SIZED goal. I look at the walls that surround me in my office right now as I type this and thank my big goals for all the awards and degrees that hang there today. What are your big goals? Do they fit the profile above? If not it is time to tune into the Winter Olympics and get your dose of big OLYMPIC-SIZED inspiration.

Remember, make every performance count!
-Coach Susan

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