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With Christmas just around the corner, clients are asking me for my best tips and tricks to beating the holiday pitfalls: stress attacks, weight gain and financial strain. I racked my brain and what I came up with was this: start building the success habits now so that come time to tackle those challenging holiday issues, you have a strong foundation in place that ensures you’ll to make the right decisions.

Top 5 Tips on Creating Successful Holiday Habits:

➢ 1) Plan Ahead: those who fail to plan are really just planning to fail. Start with the end in mind (see, hear and feel the result you want to create a new touch-point in your brain) then identify habits that will support you achieving the outcome you desire.

➢ 2) Daily Checkpoints: feed your brain daily by watering the seed that is your new success habit (reinforce the new touch-point daily to make it more real and you will start to program your subconscious to automatically attract the new result).

➢ 3) Baby Steps are Best: incorporate one thing at a time (your conscious mind can only handle so much at a time so make sure to focus on building one new habit at a time).

➢ 4) Anchors: create a mental short-cut to remember your daily focus goal (Anchors are a mental heuristic tool that will help you remember what to do to stay on track with creating your new habit).

➢ 5) Track and Measure your Success: building a new habit can be difficult if you forget this step (when you track your progress, it reinforces your accomplishments and makes that new habit stronger. Plus, creating this kind of accountability system, knowing you have to record the results each day, makes it more likely to happen).

Building a successful habit takes 30 days to form, so get started right away implementing the above tips to ensure optimal results come time to fa-la-la-la-la;

Make every performance count!
-Coach Susan

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