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As fall arrives so too do the darker and colder days. What does the change in seasons do to our personal and professional performance you may ask? I notice a correlation between good weather and happier moods and in a country (Canada) where our weather is more on the opposite end of the spectrum; I think it is important to learn how to manage our moods around this problem.

One should always be aware of how they are feeling, good and bad. In fact, I emphasize the importance of emotional intelligence almost everyday in practice with clients. We must know when we are feeling emotionally unresourceful so that we can stop ourselves and figure out why. Otherwise we risk staying unresourceful for much longer than we should. Believe me, in the world of performance that is too costly a mistake to make. Likewise, we must identify what feeling emotionally resourceful feels like so we know when we have successfully returned to that ideal state.

In addition to identifying when you are in a good vs bad emotional state, understanding why a crucial factor in managing that state. If we find ourselves in an unresourceful emotional state because the seasons are changing and we are bummed to see the summer months go, we now have an entry point to changing our state. Focusing on that which we cannot control is a one-way ticket to unresourceful land and to escape it we MUST transition immediately onto that which we can.

Try this:
-Notice your state throughout the day
-Ask yourself “Why am I feeling this way?”
-If you notice it is because you are focusing on something you can’t control, try shifting mental focus onto something you can
-Now how do you feel?

Until next time, make every performance count!
-Coach Susan

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