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This past week I got the opportunity to live one of my dreams… I got to attend my first ever Tony Robbins event. He is one my role models in the whole personal development world. Besides being totally awesome at inspiring millions of people to live better lives, he is a Peak Performance Coach (like yours truly) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming nut (also like your truly).

Every one of us needs role models in their lives. Role models do more than just inspire us to up our game. They actually offer us very helpful and important information about how to do what we are trying to do better and quicker. Sure Tony is OG (original gangster) of the entire coaching world, making millions of dollars a year, consulting with world leaders and celebrity athletes alike; but he is out there sharing his expertise where all of us NG’s (new generation) of coaching can benefit from the art of modeling his behaviours.

I can’t remember the last time I was so excited to sit in a large classroom and learn new and old concept alike for 10 hours straight (who am I kidding… I’m a dork who loves this stuff like all of you). What I loved about the experience is that it was NOT your average “classroom experience.” Tony used NLP throughout the entire event: getting us up out of our chairs, moving around, using our voices and our physiology to change our state. It was literally exhilarating! The entire experience brought to the surface some very important factors that contribute to performance success:

1) The power of state- When you are in a resourceful state (which getting up out of your seat and changing your physiology is very effective at), you can achieve much, much more than in an un-resourceful one.

2) The power of your blueprint- Your blueprint is quite literally your story and the meaning you ascribe to it (which most often is responsible for creating and maintaining the many limiting beliefs that keep us stuck).

3) The power of strategy- Without top-notch tools in place, it isn’t likely that you will get where you want to go. Every top performer out there has a coach, including me, pushing and challenging you outside of your comfort zone every single day.

Choosing to expose myself to one of the best coaches in the world last week was one of the best decisions I’ve made all year thus far. It really reconfirmed that fact in me. Surrounding yourself by greatness can’t help but make you better and stronger and help launch you to the next level of whatever it is you are after in life.

Until next time, make every performance count!

-Coach Susan

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