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My favorite thing about springtime is that it kicks my motivation into high gear.  In the last couple of weeks since May hit, I have cleaned out every closet in the house, completed a cleanse, worked out 6 days a week, prioritized an hour of high-quality family time per day and best yet, taken many important steps towards growing my business.  Why is it that I equate this increased level of motivation with the arrival of springtime you ask? For a couple of different reasons:

1)    The arrival of warmer weather: While I don’t expect to be out in my bikini just yet, the arrival of warmer weather always triggers me to start thinking about all of the fun in the sun activities in the up coming summer months, like family pool parties, trips up North to Lake Muskoka and even to the occasional beach.  I imagine myself enjoying each of these activities while working out and it gives me that extra push I need to make each and every work-out count!

2)    The wardrobe change: With nicer weather comes the need to switch over from winter to summer clothing and shoes.  What better time to clean out those closets?  Out with the old and in with the new I say.  The laws of attraction clearly state that to invite abundance into your life, you must make sure to clear room for it to easily enter in.  Better yet, donating all of the old garb you hardly use to someone who needs and would be incredibly grateful for it increases your energy vibration all around.  What’s more motivational than all of that bang for your energy buck?

3)    Longer days = Increased productivity: My favorite thing about the clocks changing in the spring is that each day is longer than the next, which means more sunlight and more inspiration to get things done.  I don’t know about you, but I find myself being able to work longer when it is still light out.  Perhaps it is the vitamin D shining through my window and filling me up with more energy, or the basic increase in my serotonin levels that I enjoy as a result?  Either way, I find my work productivity to be at an all time high, which results in increased business all around!

4)    Stress is down and happiness is up: All of this positive change and feelings of accomplishment increase my mood so much that I barely utter the words “I’m so stressed,” come springtime.  Clearly, this makes it more fun to be around me, or at least that’s what my family tells me J Being on top of my stress and my schedule comes with many added benefits, my favorite of which includes an hour of quality time with my family every single day.  I can’t even express in words how much return on investment I get from this time spent, but guaranteed, it feeds me in every other thing a take on throughout the busy day.  Connecting with my loved ones daily for a high-quality experience reminds me of why I need motivation to begin with and fills my motivation gas tank full!

Now I’m curious to hear how springtime affects you?  Leave me a comment in the space below.

Until next time, make every performance count!

-Coach Susan

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