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Someone asked me today what my favourite performance tool was.  How can a mother choose amongst her children like that?  Rather than play favourites, I responded by naming the tool that in my opinion, packs the most punch for its worth.  In other words, the tool that yields the biggest return on investment of resources: time, energy, money and focus.  Drum roll please….

I would have to say it is the ‘Visualization Script.’  The most powerful performance tool in one’s performance toolbox, it can be used to gain, maintain and re-gain focus, confidence and motivation.  It can help you manifest your dreams, goals and important outcomes.  It can give you quick and easy access to a resourceful state and best of all, it is a tool that YOU can use whenever and wherever you like.

To create your very own ‘Visualization Script’, simply take a few moments to sit somewhere quiet where you can close your eyes and picture yourself in the experience you crave.  The key is to make the script as specific and descriptive as possible.  The more vividly you can see the scene unfold, the more your senses(what you see, hear, feel, taste and smell) are involved, the more powerful and positive the effect will be.

The power behind the ‘Visualization Script’ is that the human brain cannot tell the difference between what it vividly imagines and what it is actually experiencing (think watching a sad movie).  In other words, the more you can run a scenario (working at that dream job or getting that big fat raise at work) or outcome you want to create ahead of time, the more likely you are to manifest it/make it real.

Until next time, make every performance count!

-Coach Susan


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