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Ever have days when you wake up and know it is going to be a great one? Is it because you had a fabulous night’s sleep or maybe because you have something exciting happening that day that you are really looking forward to? For me it is a conscious connection between the two.

Let me explain what I mean by a conscious connection.  In any given day, we are only generally conscious of about 3% of our decision making.  What does that mean exactly? Well, scientists believe that approximately 97% of our choices and actions are run on autopilot.  Basically this means that the subconscious mind is running the show.

Given this fact, a crucial aspect in creating predictable results in any aspect of our lives is to learn how to use that limited conscious resource we call mental focus in a way that will benefit us the most. Given the example I used above, here is how that would work.

  1. Identify the result I want to predictably produce: to sleep well and wake up happy and excited for my day.
  2. Identify what to consciously connect to in order to produce the desired result: perform favorite sleep meditation before bed to ensure a deep and restorative sleep, then visualize the day ahead unfolding ideally upon waking.


Take a few minutes after reading this article to sit in quiet reflection and see if you can identify a result that you want to predictably produce.

Result I desire most:___________________________________________________.

Next, identify a way to invest your conscious mental resources today to make that result occur reliably:_________________________________________________________.

Lastly, make an intention to make it happen at a specific place and time:____________.

(A helpful tip I give my clients is to put the intention in their smartphone with a reminder that will sound off.  This will anchor the reminder so that it captures your conscious attention at the right time).

Most importantly, if this performance tip has helped you produce an important result in your life, please leave a comment below and let us hear about. Your victories will become somebody else’s motivation to achieve a conscious connection too!

Until next time, remember, make every performance count!

-Coach Susan

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