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Here we go folks: a new year and a new opportunity to succeed. I love this time of year! A brand new year is like a blank canvas, a fresh start or a fresh sheet of ice. There is something to be said for feeling like you can start from scratch, even when in the midst of the process to achieving your greatest outcome goals.

Feeling like you can wipe away all the mistakes from the past is actually a really important part of performance recovery.  Whether it be a slow start to the fiscal year or stumbling on a new diet, mentally shifting gears off of the results from the past is a huge part of being able to get back to your peak performance state.

One of the most important keys to performance success for anybody is learning how to focus on that which is in your control.  Anything else is a waste of valuable mental real estate.  If something happened in the past that isn’t helping you feel confident in the present moment when you think about it, you must learn to let it go.

Choosing to continue focusing on the mistake you made is choosing to take away your performance mojo and personal sense of control.  This will almost guarantee that you continue to make more mistakes and have more bad results.  What you focus on expands and becomes your experience right now.  Choosing to continue reliving the poor past results will only prevent you from moving onto the next step towards achieving your goal and experiencing new success.

The next time you find yourself dwelling on the past, try this mental exercise:


Step One: Call yourself out (identify that you are dwelling on the past)


Step Two: Wipe the slate clean (take a moment to regroup by focusing on deep breathing. Count your breath up for 5, hold for 3, count down for 5, hold for 3)


Step Three: Pick a target (select a result you do want to produce next and envision exactly how you plan to make it happen)


Step Four: Execute (go out there and take MASSIVE ACTION-make it happen!)


New Years is a wonderful time to start fresh.  My personal belief as a former professional athlete is why wait an entire year to do something that is proven to benefit us when performed daily?  Holding onto past mistakes is no fun for anyone and doing so will only rob you of future success.  Learn how to release the past by practicing the above exercise and watch your performance results soar!

Until next time, make every performance count!

-Coach Susan

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