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Apr 03

Practicing Gratitude

As we begin the month of April, now is an excellent time to see what’s gone well in our journey so far and what may need a little work. As you reflect, maybe you discover you’re ahead of where you thought you’d be, or maybe you’re finding that you’re a bit behind that mile marker […]

Jan 31

How Do You Handle Stress and Pressure?

We all experience pressure at different points in our lives. It may be the pressure you feel when you’re presenting something in front of a group of people, whom you really want to impress. Pressure could be the feeling of wanting to play your best knowing that you need to in order to get back […]

Oct 22

One of the Challenges Being a Coach

The Biggest Issue in Coaching Someone asked me the other day what the most common ‘issue’ I come across as a hockey coach is. They continued to ask about players not understanding systems, special teams, effort level, motivation, and consistency, thinking those were all pretty common struggles. While I definitely agree with all of those […]

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