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Apr 10

How to Deal with an Employee Who Won’t Listen

A question that comes up regularly with corporate clients is “How do I deal with an employee who won’t listen?” When this topic comes up with an experienced leader, it’s usually born out of frustration. It’s not that the employee just is zoning out in meetings occasionally, they are repeating a behavior that is negatively […]

Feb 21

Key Factors in Employee Empowerment

“Delegation is not about getting rid of tasks; it’s about empowering others to help you achieve your goals.” – Laura Stack A critical skill in leadership is learning how to delegate; leaders can’t possibly do it all themselves and will quickly burn out if they believe they have to. That said, how many of you […]

Jan 25

The Power of Community

One of my favorite non-fiction books is Atomic Habits, by James Clear. His clear, to-the-point writing and illustrations elicit new insights for me both personally and as a coach each time I read it. One such insight is around how much we are impacted by the people around us. He says “One of the most […]

Nov 15

Unlock Growth: 5 Steps to a Powerful Mindset!

5 Ways to Develop a Growth Mindset When I was a kid, I learned early on that 1.) I am good at learning new things and 2.) I am not an athlete because I can’t run fast…at all. These 2 core beliefs, set before I was 10 years old, had a significant impact on and […]

Oct 15

What Does a Leadership Coach Do?

Types of Leadership Coaching When I left my corporate job to become a leadership coach, the number one response I heard was “Wow, that’s amazing!”, followed quickly by “So what does that mean exactly?”  It’s a great question. The coaching industry is vast; it’s worth billions of dollars and can cover everything from health and […]

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