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When you think about consistency, what comes to mind? Managing to-do lists? Working out? Eating healthy?

What about showing up for yourself? The first three things I mentioned are all things you can do consistently and, depending on what your goals are, they may or may not be important to you. The fourth thing, showing up for yourself, however, is an act of consistency. This act is a pre-requisite to achieving your goals.

I think if we have learned anything from this past year, it has to be about how important it is to take care of ourselves. Many of us found out the hard way what it looks like to be constantly taking care of others while placing ourselves and our needs on the back burner.

I am so passionate when it comes to talking about consistency in showing up for ourselves because this is where our consistency packs the most punch. If we show up for ourselves every day, we get the answers we need to move forward. We start to understand what we truly need in each moment.

When you show up for yourself, you turn the lights of self-awareness on and tune into your beliefs, your values, and your needs to uncover what you need to do to best help you along your goal getting journey. Maybe that means getting a good workout in or taking a rest day to allow yourself to physically and mentally recharge. But the point is that it’s coming solely from YOU.

How are you practicing consistency? And are you showing up for yourself so that you can play your biggest impact game?

-Coach Lauren

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