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A quick Google search of the word ‘Gratitude’ brought me the following popularly asked questions: ‘What does gratitude really mean?’ ‘Why is gratitude important?’ and finally, ‘How do you practice Gratitude?’

All of these questions seem equally important and reflect that gratitude is more than just a sentiment. Gratitude is a practice. As I mentioned a couple of days ago, gratitude has the ability to improve overall mental and physical wellbeing when practiced consistently. But what does that mean for our performance?

As someone who is part of my high performance tribe, I know that you are always seeking ways to get better, to improve, while refusing to sacrifice your mental wellbeing along the way. Gratitude could be just the tool you need.

Gratitude journaling is something I recommend to a lot of my clients. I typically ask people to write down some or all of the good things that happened that day to trigger those strong, positive emotions as we close out the day and head into relax and restore mode.

– Coach Susan

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