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Are you struggling to maintain consistent motivation? Are you working hard one day and not feeling up to it the next?

Many of the High-Achievers that walk through our doors here it Elite struggle with maintaining consistent motivation because their choices often stem from from the need for extrinsic validation (achieving external results, people pleasing, money, etc.) – a strategy that leads to inconsistent motivation because the sources are outside of their control. 

High-Performers make it a habit to align decisions with their sense of purpose because it ensures their choices are aligned with their mission. 

Knowing why you choose to do what you do ensures the motivation to make those choices is coming from the right place. 

Aligning choices with an internal sense of purpose and meaning makes this source for motivation in your control, which is what makes this habit of thinking and choosing a High-Performance habit – it leads to consistent levels of motivation and drive and thus, sustainable High-Performance over time. 

We want to know if you’ve brain trained this High-Performance habit lately? 

-Coach Susan 


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