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3, 2…before we hit 1 and the clock brings us into a new year, we want to take this opportunity to reflect on all that 2019 brought us here at Elite High Performance.
Here’s our 2019 Highlight Reel:
-our Elite Dream expanded, as we welcomed three game changing, powerhouse High-Performance Coaches in Karen Calder, Gad Espinosa  and Liane Wansbrough.
-we launched the new and improved website and membership platform
-we launched our new social community ‘The Mental Gym
-we launched our High-Performance Coaching Certification Program ‘Brain Training for Coaches & Disrupters’
-we got to revisit Google, this time working with their Canadian leadership team on all things brain training and mindset strategy architecture
-we rocked the stage at this year’s Toronto Entrepreneurship Conference, at The Metro Toronto Convention Centre
-we partnered with the MIQ leadership team, helping them cultivate a championship culture and develop cutting-edge leadership strategies
-we went back to school, visiting Harvard University to get certified in ‘Executive Coaching Leadership Strategy’
-we launched our private, exclusive, behind the gates, invitation only, high-end Mastermind ‘The High-Performance Society’
-and best of all, we helped hundreds of YOU level up and bring your A-game to all areas of High-Performance health, wealth, self, business and relationships
Nothing beats the feelings that come upon reflecting on a year’s worth of going all-in on your growth! So we want you to take a few mins to do the same….what’s your 2019 Highlight Reel? We want to celebrate you and all your hard work, full-engagement, and the victories you experienced along the way, so we would love it if you would share with us here
And last but not least, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts – you are such a valued part of this dream team – you ARE our
why factor (why we do ALL that we do)
Your highest potential is our passion – let’s unleash it together in 2020 (if you thought this was a lot of growth, watch closely … we’ve got even bigger things coming down the pipeline in 2020)!
Happy New Year!
And remember, make every performance count!
-Coach Susan

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