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Once you’ve identified the emotional roadblocks that have accumulated throughout the long winter months, it’s time to start working on the mindset that will cleanse your mental palate.

To do this you must dig into the meaning behind the emotions that are clogging your mental drain.

Say it’s frustration that’s got you stuck for example. Challenge yourself to dig deep into the mindset that is hiding out behind the frustration by tracking down what is triggering the frustration. Perhaps it’s that you don’t have the energy to eat a healthy dinner at the end of a long workday. Get to the mindset that needs cleansing by asking yourself “what’s the meaning behind making a healthy meal at the end of the workday that’s got me feeling so frustrated?”

This must mean that…”making a healthy meal is impossible when I lack the energy to cook.”

Challenge this mindset by asking “is this really true?”

The detox happens when you dispel the illusion of that mindset.

What must be true instead to feel that I can make a healthy dinner when I’m tired? “I could do something easy like throwing frozen berries and spinach and protein powder in my blender and have a healthy meal in less than a minute.”

The result: you’ve created a solution that will flush the frustration out of your brain and turn it into the confidence you need to make the new, healthier choice.

The bonus result: you’ll have more energy after eating healthfully and a building block of confidence will be built in your brain setting you up to make healthy choices feel easier and more doable.

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