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Happy Monday,

I’m so excited to bring you this week’s motivational message-just check out the state I’m in in this week’s video as proof 🙂

It’s difficult not to be in a great state any time I get to connect with today’s guest star, little Miss Brooklyn Hope, my beautiful daughter. She’s my ‘why factor’ and spending time with her is one of the most significant and rewarding investments I make each and every day.

One of the other significant and high return investments that I make each and every day is the focus of today’s ‘MoMonday Video: Happy Mother’s Day (click here to watch).’

As a special Mother’s Day gift to all of you, I am sharing with you one of the most helpful tools I’ve discovered in my coaching career thus far for prioritizing this very important and significant daily decision.

When you access and activate this frame, it literally not only makes the investment of time, energy and focus easier but it makes it feel like a non-negotiable daily choice (you know like eating and sleeping).

Remember, we’ve got a free webinar workshop coming up real soon with Coach Carlayne where she will be teaching us all how to develop some kick-ass strategies like this one for personal and professional development and growth. Email our assistant Celine (click here) to reserve your spots before seats run out (limited capacity on this one).

Happy Mother’s Day 🙂

Until next time, make every performance count!

-Coach Susan

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