Psychological Safety Assessment

Assess your team’s psychological safety, open the dialogue with team members and get action steps to improve your team’s psychological safety in the workplace.

The Fearless Organization Certified Practitioner (FCP)

What is Psychological Safety?

A belief that one will not be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, feelings, concerns or mistakes.

Benefits of High Psychological Safety

  • Higher Employee Engagement
  • Better Communication
  • Increased Innovation & Creativity
  • Increased Employee Initiative
  • Increased Openness to Learning

Compared with people at low trust companies, people at high-trust companies report:

  • 74% Less Stress
  • 106% More Energy at Work
  • 50% Higher Productivity
  • 76% Higher Engagement
  • 29% More Satisfaction with their Lives
  • 40% Less Burnout

Dangers of Low Psychological Safety


  • Dangerous silence – People who are aware of the risks of a situation, do not dare to speak up for fear of being called out or punished for it.
  • Avoidable failure – People are more focused on avoiding failure than getting the most out of work. People tend to make more mistakes that could have been avoided if psychological safety levels would have been high.

Assessment Outline


  • Inclusion and Diversity – When team members feel included, they are more inclined to speak up, contribute and add to the group.
  • Willingness to Help – Teams become unsafe when people are not able to help each other or feel appreciated by team members.
  • Attitude to Risk and Failure – Teams that hold mistakes against each other risk a lack of control and forward momentum.
  • Open Conversation – A team that has open and candid conversations is able to tackle hard problems better.



  • Demographic – Team of 3-15 People with One Leader
  • How It Works – Before, during, and after
    1. 1:1 With Team Leader
    2. Scan & Prep
    3. Team Debrief Session
    4. Follow-up


One Time Assessment or Annual Assessment


Bi-Annual Assessments (2 per year)

$5,999 each
($11,998 total) 20% off

Quarterly Assessments

$4,999 each
($19,996 total) 33% off

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