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Oct 20

Chase Estes

Susan did an AMAZING job hosting a workshop at Google with our national leadership team this week. The team felt much aware of areas they need to improve in their daily routine and mindset in order to perform at their optimal state. Susan’s session with our leadership team is perfect for any individual, team or […]

Oct 20

Belinda Stonach

I brought Susan in to work with my executive team in the creation of a company wide initiative. I knew the enthusiasm and expertise she brought to the table would help drive the results I was looking for

Oct 20

Alfie Atkinson

Susan ran a corporate offsite day for our senior leadership team and it proved incredibly valuable and motivating. Focussing on mindset strategy architecture really helped get the team aligned as well as tackled specific individual challenges. Susan’s positivity, energy and passion is incredibly inspiring and we will continue to work with Susan as part of […]

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