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Mar 21

Charli Matthews

From the locker room to the Mainstage, Rob is able to read the room and open up space for courageous conversations. He leads by example as he shares his journey of overcoming obstacles in business and life. He speaks from the heart and has a way of making every human in the room know they […]

Oct 20

Charli Matthews

The Leadership Launchpad program changed my life! And Rob Kalwarowsky… My favorite coach! The program gave me the tools and space I needed to become a much better leader, and spending time with like-minded individuals looking to improve their skills was priceless. It allowed me to understand and improve my leadership style as well as […]

Oct 20

Bekah Mechtensimer

The Leadership Launchpad program is invaluable, taking you through the steps for personal and professional growth that we all need to master in order to become better, more engaged leaders. Aside from the increible coaching from Rob and Lauren, the support alongside a collective group of other leaders made a big impact on me personally […]

Oct 20

Chuck Depew

I was stressed at work, home, and personal life. I was not realizing my potential at work and therefore my career was not progressing, my relationship with my wife was struggling, I was not spending quality time with my children. Susan was able to help me identify and work key issues and thought processes that […]

Oct 20

Chase Estes

Susan’s session with our leadership team is perfect for any individual, team or corporation that is looking to learn “tools” and take their mental performance to the next level.

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