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Mar 21

Chris Jepson

When I first came to see Susan I was unhappy, overwhelmed, anxious, and lacked confidence. I felt as though I had no control over my life and needed help. I had seen a number of other coaches, none of who resonated with me at all. Susan is different. Working with her over the past couple […]

Mar 21

Lindsay Fein

Liane is a very supportive and knowledgeable coach! She helped me gain confidence in myself and overcome my perfectionism. She taught me to focus on feedback, not failure, and that I could help my clients even if I’m one step ahead of them. If you are thinking of working with Liane, do it, you won’t […]

Mar 21

Gregory Campbell

As a professional athlete, I’ve realized the importance of mental strength and focus in hockey. Susan’s Performance Coaching skills have tremendously helped me in those areas.

Mar 21

Tracey Allen

Wow where do I begin!  It’s been 18 months since I started working with Susan and with her support, I have been able to change my outlook on life.  Working with Susan has helped me uncover my values, purpose and mission, I now know who I am and what I stand for after all this […]

Mar 21

Jim Vantyghem

Rob sets the stage for finding one’s true calling in life. He is a passion, authentic, caring person driven not only in the pursuit of his own personal growth, but also the growth of those around him as well. His ability to lead by example is demonstrated in his personal journey from a dark abyss […]

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