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Nov 09

Cody Oehm

Working with Lauren towards my Brain Training for Athletes coaching certification has been an incredible experience. The program itself is super comprehensive and the tools it provides for athletes are game-changing both inside and outside of sport. Lauren’s also done an amazing job at breaking down the theory and practical application behind each lesson and […]

Oct 20

Sara Martinez

The Coaching Certification program has very precious techniques on how to coach effectively and deeply. I valued the personal learning from practicing these with my awesome Coach, Lauren. The approach is very inspiring and a world of opportunities, as well as measurable outcomes, unfolded for me.

Oct 20

Alex R.

While everyone possesses their own unique skill set, you will likely only meet a handful of people that possess this radiating energy that draws everyone in, brings them closer together, and makes them feel like a great version of themselves. Margaret is one of those people. That paired with her irrefutable expertise and unwavering willingness […]

Oct 20

Geoffrey W

I have been in and around the hockey world for over 30 years and Margaret Jennings is one of the best young hockey minds I have ever had the pleasure of being around. She is extremely organized and has an amazing attention to the smallest details. She is driven and passionate about her craft. Margaret […]

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