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Oct 25

MJ Jennings

As a former University and Professional athlete herself, Lauren is really able to paint a clear picture of how this training works from the athlete’s perspective, which is invaluable for preparing you to implement it with your own athletes.

Oct 25

Lara Beecher

Since joining the Brain Training for Athletes Program I have noticed the impact it has made on me as an individual and a player. I have learned to speak about my experiences and find ways to work with the struggles. Coach Lauren has taught me skills and lessons that will not only help me improve […]

Oct 25

Sawyer D

Working with Taylor on mindset training has really benefited my game by helping me set and achieve my goals, as well learn the importance of mental state and how it affects my performance on the ice. With goal setting I now view my success in games and practices in new and more self-supportive ways. It […]

Dec 06


Margaret’s ability to demonstrate empathy, her always open-mind, and her excellent active listening skills make her the best of the best. She recognized my needs and took action by challenging my perspectives and bestowing a true confidence upon me, allowing me to succeed in ways I never thought I could.

Dec 06


When I first met MJ, I was a young, inexperienced hockey player, and thanks to her guidance and nurturing, have accomplished goals I thought were far beyond my reach. She mentored me closely through all four years of my high school experience, and offered sage guidance that I continue to refer to long after my […]

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