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Since joining the Brain Training for Athletes Program I have noticed the impact it has made on me as an individual and a player. I have learned to speak about my experiences and find ways to work with the struggles. Coach Lauren has taught me skills and lessons that will not only help me improve my game but, I will use these strategies in my everyday life. I have found that talking about my weaknesses has only made me stronger. I learned that your struggles and problems don’t define you. Your problems are simply a bump in the road that you just have to push over. Here are five words that help me: Grit, Empathy, Determination, Dedication, and Power. These five words have shaped my character and allowed me to grow strength as a player and have helped accelerate my game. The difference between a good and a great player is simple. It is your mindset how you perceive the task at hand. A positive mindset, the five words, and the help of your teammates and coaches will help you along the way. Thank you for listening to my experience.

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