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MJ is an NCCP High Performance Certified Coach. She holds a Bachelor of Arts w/ Great Distinction in Human Resources, and a Graduate Diploma in Adult Learning & Development from Canada’s #1 education faculty. She is also an ELITE certified “Leadership Launchpad” and “Brain Training for Athletes” coach.

MJ has over 15 years of successful coaching experience. She has worked extensively with provincial, national, and international athletes, entrepreneurs, managers and executives to support their growth and development, and help them actualize their highest potential.

Her track record speaks for itself. In sport, the athletes and teams she has coached with have won provincial & national championships, broken performance records, and had inaugural award recipients at the provincial and national levels.

In business, MJ has supported hundreds of entrepreneurs, coaches, managers and executives in improving their health, happiness, leadership capabilities and overall performance. Her clients have reported substantial improvements in their quality of life at work and at home. As leaders, they have also experienced greater employee engagement, decreased turnover, and improved team performance, efficiency and results.

MJ’s mission is to help leaders maximize their impact and create a lasting legacy that they’re proud of. The key to doing this is improving mental performance. MJ has seen folks struggle with mental performance at all levels, and has experienced and overcame mental performance challenges herself, both as an employee and as a leader.

When she was 17, she left her small, rural hometown in Ontario to attend Princeton University. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the

resources she needed to cope with this dramatic change of environment and the stressors that it presented. Not having any sort of skillset when it came to her mental performance lead to a lot of maladaptive strategies and limiting belief systems that had a lasting negative impact on her self-worth and quality of life for several years; they ultimately held her back from accomplishing goals that were important to her.

Fortunately, in her mid-20’s, she made the decision to engage in mental performance training, and it dramatically improved her performance and quality of life personally, academically and professionally. The benefit was so massive that she knew she had to play a part in providing this valuable knowledge to others who needed it just as much as she did.

Coach MJ has always had a burning passion to positively impact the lives of others; just ask the many athletes and employees she has worked with over the years. She is on a mission to educate people on neuroscientifically-proven strategies that boost mental resilience and strength. Her ultimate goal is to improve the performance and quality of life of people for years and generations to come.

90% of our performance is mental. It’s now more critical than ever that we put an emphasis on strengthening the most vital muscle to performance in sport, business and life: the brain.

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