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From the moment I met Susan I knew she was a powerhouse. After just 3 sessions, she helped me open up the lines of communication between me and my spouse, she’s helped me get over my fear of rejection so that I could reconnect with friends that I had always kept at arms length, and overcome fear in my business.

That last bit alone would be worth working with her. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on other coaching programs and I can tell you the difference is that it goes deep to the source-her coaching quickly changes how you relate to the world around you and thus, helps improve every area of your life. I continue to work with Susan because I can’t wait to see what will improve next.

Another important factor is that for 7 years,I struggled with growing my business and within just a few sessions, she had helped me triple my client base. Amazing!

If you’re stuck and tired of being stuck, Susan will get you unstuck in short order!

Madeline Dasilva, M.A.T and Reiki Healer – Apana Bodywork

Theresa“Since having had the opportunity to work with Susan I am now living my life awake, aware, alive, empowered and inspired. Susan doesn’t work “magic” but rather takes you through the process of really looking at yourself, understanding the why behind your choices and actions and then providing you with the tools to continue to make the changes in your life you desire. I initially contacted Susan to gain a competitive edge in my sport of barrel racing but have experienced the added benefit of tremendous improvement in every area of my life. Susan has a gift to teach, motivate, focus and empower a person I count myself blessed to be able to work with her.”
~Theresa Wright-Kamitomo

J-hipfner-6568“Susan Hobson came into my life over a year ago. She was introduced to us by a dear friend, who also happened to be our youngest son’s english teacher. Our son was living away from home and attending a private school in Toronto. He was in his grade 12 year, and seemed to be exhibiting signs of depression. He is also an elite squash player and was struggling with his results on court. The Universe brought Susan into the life of our family at the perfect time.
Since our introduction to Susan, all five members of my family have worked with her. I started my personal journey with her in April of 2013.

Susan has provided me with the guidance and tools to help me achieve the following:

*develop a strong sense of self-worthiness + self-love;
*discover, appreciate + celebrate my authentic self;
*embrace my ability to be powerfully vulnerable;
*to understand, to practise and be aware of my emotional intelligence;
*to recognize and trust in the signs that the Universe provides and to believe in my limitless potential;
*to be grateful + practise gratitude;
*to believe that I am enough just as I am, to release my people pleasing tendencies and to ask for what I want and need, personally + professionally;
*to be able to graciously receive from others;
*to know that I am in control of my brain and the messages I receive and process are healthy, thoughtful and not borne out of unhealthy habits;
*to develop better communication skills and a higher level of intimacy and trust with those I love;
*To surround myself with those who are emotionally healthy and who support and celebrate who I am, unconditionally;
*to walk into the “dark corners of my basement” and confront my past and present fears;
*to kick my limiting beliefs on their ass and to listen and believe in my intuition;
*to practise forgiveness with myself and others.

In Sept of 2013 our home was broken into, we were robbed and I was sexually assaulted. Were it not for the strong emotional foundation that Susan helped me put in place, I know that I would not have come through this event as intact as I have.

Susan is my Mentor and most importantly has become a dear friend. I have the utmost respect and admiration for her. She has helped me to feel powerful in my life. Words cannot express the love and gratitude I feel. I have a new passion and that is to help as many people experience true joy, to know that what they truly want and desire they can have, that the Law of Attraction really does work and that coming from a place of love is the key to a successful life.”
~Kelli Hinchey

“Sometimes reaching the next level in your career is not about skill or experience, it’s about getting out of your own way. If you’re lucky you’ll find Susan. Susan will quickly help you build systems in your business and in your life to help you get what you’ve always wanted, be it more time, more money and less stress. You quickly learn how to set and manage priorities productively, take on more clients and find the time for spa days. If you often feel like you are working too hard, too long and are not reaping the benefits, stop right now.

Give Susan a call and smile, your life just got easier.”

~Lisa McKenzie
Certified Social Media and Joint Venture Strategist

“Susan’s coaching helped me get to the next level of my career. Her dynamic and creative approach kept my motivation high, helping me to overcome the challenging roadblocks I experienced along the way. Each session I gained the clarity and confidence to be able to take powerful action steps towards making my vision a reality.”

~Mark Richards
Actor and Model

“Have you ever had dissatisfaction in your subconscious or conscious mind, a nagging feeling that left you wanting more out of your career? That was where I was when I found Susan. Through exciting conversation she helped me discover what the universe already knew, and what Susan helped me recognize as obvious…I was meant to teach, train and lead. Susan did this by bringing to the surface my true passion and core strengths. I was able to see what indeed makes me unique and VALUEABLE.

Although I had always known the significance of the passing weeks, months and years of putting off any inevitable career changes, it took the help of Susan’s support, challenge and constant guidance to take that leap of faith and set the wheels of change and growth in motion. Weekly timelines helped me overcome the ‘coasting’ and inertia caused by my day to day bad habits. I realized that I was waiting for a crisis to initiate the change that was imminent. I was accepting the dissatisfaction, instead of recognizing it for what it was trying to tell me: TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE! Susan’s coaching is a springboard to transformation. By implementing simple, small, achievable weekly action steps, I was able to achieve big results that left me feeling VERY satisfied.

Susan’s process is highly effective because it helps you cross the bridge from INTENTION into ACTION; she holds you accountable every week for the growth and development you commit to and is guaranteed to create the results you say you want. All I have to do now is ask for what I want, take the action necessary to achieve it and then reap the rewards. NOW is always the best time to get in there and tweak, analyze, assess….CLAIM YOUR BEST LIFE…That was my goal and now I am living it!


~Janice Saulnier
National Accounts & Training Manager

“I could not fully appreciate all that I was capable of before working with Coach Susan. She helped expand my personal belief system so that I could see possibilities that resided far outside what I had always thought possible. Not only did my confidence soar throughout working with her, but the results I experienced in both my personal and professional lives far exceeded the goals I had originally set heading into the whole experience. Thanks to Susan, I now make more money, I am in the best shape of my life and I have found the woman of my dreams.”

~Doug Kent
Pharmaceutical Sales Rep.

“Susan is an incredible coach with such an eclectic coaching style. She uses her diverse skills to really push people out of their comfort zones and have breakthroughs in both their personal and professional life. She helped me really identify my core values and question what message I wanted to send for my business and really saw the exceptional in me. With her confidence and amazing ability to empower me, I was able to take my business to the next level. She is compassionate, loving and puts her heart and soul into her clients.”

~Adele Tevlin
Transformational Weight-Loss Coach

“As a professional athlete, I’ve realized the importance of mental strength and focus in hockey. Susan’s Performance Coaching skills have tremendously helped me in those areas.”

~Gregory Campbell
Forward, Boston Bruins

“I’ve known Susan and been referring clients to her for the past two years. Susan is fiercely dedicated to excellence. She works incredibly hard to bring her best to clients. Her clients know that she is smart, perceptive, sensitive and tough (in a good way). She is also completely committed to helping them achieve their personal bests. If you have a goal you are determined to reach, Susan will believe whole-heartedly that you can reach it. Supported by her systematic leadership, you’ll see practical results and tangible progress toward new accomplishment and

~Dr. Linda Ferguson
President of NLP Canada

Talk about a life-changer!  In-addition to her phenomenal sport training and educational background, Susan brings amazing energy, passion and resources to help you achieve whatever it is you desire, and deserve.  Thanks to her results-driven, highly-focused coaching, I’ve been able to overcome limited beliefs about myself and my career, moving me forward in ways I didn’t think possible.  With Susan, anything is possible if you truly believe it and feel it.  And she’ll show you how!”

~Aurea Dempsey
Marketing and Brand Specialist

Working with Susan is like being body checked back into your life. Her results-oriented approach will leverage the change that you didn’t even think existed within yourself to allow you to reach goals you once thought were dreams. The work and tools from Susan have enabled me to overcome the mental barriers and obstacles holding me back from succeeding and living my fullest life possible and is now something I can always tap into in any area or situation. Susan will stop at nothing in her journey of success with you, the only limit is not starting to work with her.”

~Farah Jamani,
Pharmacist BSc.Phm, RPh

“Before discovering Susan and her life-changing coaching process, I had struggled with my weight for over two decades. Endless yo-yo dieting and fad fitness regimes left me feeling defeated and hopeless. Working with Susan has not only helped me drop the weight once and for all, but more importantly, it has helped me re-discover my true self; the one that had been hiding all of those years deep down inside of me and the one that helped me experience true joy on a daily basis.

Through an intensive and personally tailored process, Susan helped me identify the root cause to my weight and un-happiness. Once we had indentified the root causes, we were able to effectively cleanse my mind, body and spirit of long held emotional and mental toxins that had been holding me down all of those years. We were then able to rebuild and restore a long lost sense of happiness and confidence that is essential to creating a positive and healthy life experience.”

~Kathleen Kristy
Publishing Executive

Susan is a performance specialist. Her mental tools and strategies really helped strengthen my game.”

~Steve Eminger
New York Rangers

“I have had the honor of working with Susan not only professionally, but personally. She was the official life Coach for my women’s only fitness “transformation retreat”, and I have sought her services on a personal level, as one of her clients. 

Susan has a unique way of challenging you to take a good look at what you want, and focuses you towards how you will achieve it. She supports and encourages you through her highly developed listening and feedback skills. 

Sessions are dynamic and thought-provoking. Susan is both disciplined and structured in her approach, and yet appropriately flexible in terms of individuals needs. She was efficient in her preparation for our sessions and she helped me plan – and followed up on – action points, communicating easily and openly with me.

She listens actively, and reflected back to me relevant points I had made, and positions I had taken, in a way which constructively helped me to asses my goals, and continue to move forward towards them.

Her positive outlook, her keen perception, her broad view of possibilities, and her encouragement for me, and my clients to create options and act on them, were key to the success in achieving our goals.”

~Eva Redpath
Womens Fitness Expert

“I had the pleasure of working with Susan Hobson for six months. Her unique experience as a professional athlete allows her to really “Coach” her clients in order for them to reach their goals.

Susan’s style of coaching is both gentle and challenging. Susan has the unique ability to get her clients to look at problems from various and often different points of view from what they are normally use to. Susan builds a plan for her client that is results oriented and achievable.

In my time with Susan, I appreciated that she was always excited, passionate and genuinely engaged in our work together. She always made me feel as there was somewhere in my corner….cheering, guiding, supporting and challenging me to be my best.”

~B. Sinclair
Luxury Brand Specialist

I have gained much clarity about both the direction of my goals as well as the path to achieving them through my work with Susan. She held me accountable for my actions on a weekly basis. This was paramount in my overall success: I consistently achieved small goals I set for myself. In turn, this lead to greater successes on a larger scale. Working with Susan was an invaluable experience.

Live Life… Inspired!”


Carla Pagniello, B.Ed., B.P.H.E.
Inspiration Fitness

“Simply put – Susan Hobson has changed my life in so many positive ways. Words cannot describe my gratitude.  Since working with Susan, I have advanced in my career, my health has dramatically improved, and I manage stress much better. Susan has given me back the confidence I once had and because of her I now own it.  I once again have goals that I normally would only dream about.  Her mentoring continues to make me a better person every day, both at work and at home.
Susan has allowed me to gain a proper perspective on the challenges I face and to formulate realistic goals for their accomplishment.  She was able to help me identify the barriers that have been holding me back in all facets of my life.  Susan has a unique combination of expertise and experience that enables her to provide guidance in both an engaging and practical manner. She can connect and follow through with you in ways to ensure success in your ability to apply new skills and make ideas happen.

Susan has an uncanny ability to keep me on track, focused, and in balance.  Her unique ability to recognize, understand, and explain how to make better choices has changed my life and way of thinking but most importantly has helped change my actions.  The impact Susan’s coaching has made in my professional and personal life if far beyond what I ever anticipated. I would recommend her to anybody who wants to make their dreams come true.”

~Jen Dempster
Government Communications

Susan excels at cutting to the chase. Her coaching is effective because it is extremely focused and purpose-driven at all times, which helped me get to the meat of the matter much faster than I could ever do on my own. Her advice was clear, precise and easy to implement, which immediately positively impacted my business’s success.”

~Jackie Kennedy
Public Relations Executive

Coach Susan’s style of coaching produces explosive results in a surprisingly simple way. She helped me get crystal clarity on WHAT I was trying to create, WHY I was trying to create it and helped me develop a strategy outlining exactly HOW I was going to create it. The transition from conceptualization to implementation was smooth, speedy and easy with her guidance and support.”

~George Lucas

Susan’s coaching takes you back to your childhood days before you picked up your bad habits. Back to the days before your thoughts were tainted with the inner voice that tells you “no, you can’t do that” “no, you are not good enough”, “no, you are not smart enough”, “no, you are too old”. She takes you on a guided tour of the life you left behind, so get on board for the ride as she stirs up the feelings you have been suppressing and helps you make your dreams a reality.”

~Sherry Wedemire
Senior Manager, Cannon Canada

“Susan Hobson is a fantastic coach. I recently had the pleasure of working with her and I am impressed with the progression that I have made within a short span of time. Her ability to hone in on my challenges has been extremely helpful. She has the uncanny ability of taking a macro situation and breaking it down to bite size manageable pieces for greater mastery.

What I enjoyed most about working with Susan is her enthusiasm and level of support. She’s willing to go the extra mile for you and that is rare. You really get a sense that she is there to support you and has your best interests at heart. She has a way of presenting a situation in an objective manner to help you see where you are limiting yourself and help you to analyze how those behaviours are not serving you or leading to the successful outcomes you desire.

Together we came up with a plan of action to move me towards a more fulfilling and healthier direction. She has given me a greater sense of clarity and that is an invaluable gift. Susan is passionate about her strategies, confident in my abilities and her dedication to her craft and clients are what make her a champion. Furthermore, it is because of these qualities that I recommend her as your coach.”

~Sandra Williams-Herve
Marketing and Distribution Manager


“How can I sum up in words what Susan has done for me? That’s a difficult ask, because not only was she my ROCK of support, positivity and mental training, but she changed how I feel about myself.

Without a shadow of a doubt I can say that if I had not been connected with her when I was, I would have ended up in the hospital, physically stressed and falling apart, mentally frustrated and confused, and emotionally broken.

Instead, this woman, this superhero, this pillar of strength, changed my life. She has an incredible clarity and ability to pinpoint what we need to learn and do in order to live our best lives. She could see from a mile away that I was a perfectionist, trying to please everyone else, with no sense of self worth. It took quite a few months of instituting the tools, strategies and rituals to break through my stubborn black-and-white, gotta always check things off the to-do list mind. But with some hard work, and Susan’s support, I’ve changed the way I think, I’ve discovered what is important to ME (no one else), and I’ve made some huge changes in my life so that I am living it in accordance with my own priorities. And guess what?! Not only am I HAPPY, really truly happy, but I am also healthy, strong, I’ve create boundaries AND I’m far more productive in my work.

Beyond all of that, if it weren’t for Susan, I’d still be the broken, stressed out, trying to do everything all the time, sad little girl that could not get the love she deserved from her parents who only cared about achievement and external motivators. But instead, I can call Susan my friend, my mentor and my champion. She’s shown me what it is to get clear with my SELF and to show myself the love, care and support I need. So now I am my own champion, defender and captain of where I want my life to go, and how I want to feel on a daily basis. It is with extreme gratitude, love and admiration that I thank Susan for everything she does.”

~Kattie Smilovsky

I have had the privilege of working with SusanHobson of Elite: High Performance Coaching for the last year now and Susan has transformed my team’s mental approach to the game of hockey.

Susan has a great background in mental skills and high-performance theory, and does a great job of presenting this material in an easily understandable way, to large and small groups alike.

Her real gift however, is in relating to athletes on the individual level, sharing her own perspective as a high-performance athlete, coaching them on how to refine their strengths and improve their weaknesses in all areas of performance.

Susan’s coaching and tools are not only aimed at improving athletic performance, but at performance in every aspect of an individual’s life. People that work with Susan, enact the game plan and use the performance tools prescribed for them, get better at everything they do.

If you are serious about improving your performance, I highly recommend Susan Hobson as your Performance Coach.

~Dan Church, Team Canada/ York University Hockey Coach

Enlisting the Performance Coaching services of Susan Hobson has been worth every penny – 10 times that in fact. I hired her with the mindset to help me take my company to market and I can honestly say that I couldn’t have done it without her.

~Jason Dearborn

From my personal experience, achieving any goal, especially the really significant ones, was often a painful challenge that usually didn’t end in success. The Mental Gym is a great resource that helped me me stay accountable, gave me strategies to achieve any goal, and access to a High Performance toolbox that continue to help me achieve the results I’m after. Whether you’re trying to achieve a specific goal or you’re looking to strengthen your mental skills, the Mental Gym is a great resource to have.

~Helene Dubinsky 

Before I met Susan I was essentially a prisoner of my own thoughts. I was living life through the lens of my childhood trauma which involved a heartbreaking abandonment by my mother when I was seven. Any sense of security and self-worth left me the day my mother walked out and I became stuck in a constant cycle of perfectionism and people pleasing.

For years I made it my mission to ensure that everything and everyone around me was okay, forsaking my own needs and happiness in the pursuit of love and affection. I was driven by the fear of being abandoned again by those I cared about. Virtually every thought, every interaction, every choice, every reaction was being filtered through this fear of abandonment and the most interesting part is that I was not even aware of it.

I knew that I had deep scars from my childhood but I didn’t know that they were ruling my life. I was anxiety ridden, unfulfilled, unhappy and desperate to find some sort of peace and balance in my life. Enter Susan…

In the two years that I have been meeting with Susan I have gone completely off of anxiety medication, my marriage is stronger than it has ever been, I have come to peace with my mother and have actually become grateful for the adversity I have faced in my life. Susan has made me aware of the limiting beliefs that have ruled me for so many years and has taught me how to make more empowering choices that are aligned with my values and goals. Like an athlete who credits their coach for teaching them strategies to win their big game, I credit Susan for teaching me life altering strategies that are allowing me to design the life that I want.

~Karen Depew 




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