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Life Coaching Toronto

Life Coaching Toronto

Life Coaching in Toronto is a specialized process that helps individuals from all walks of life achieve their personal goals. Through the evaluation of where you currently are in regards to your mental health, physical health, and social-well being, we can asses where to improve, and begin setting goals. It is with great pride that Susan Hobson provides her clients with personalized Life Coaching Toronto solutions. As emotional intelligence has become a major factor in peoples over all success, it is important to engage in life coaching to help restore balance.

What can you expect with our Life Coaching Toronto Programs?

First and foremost, one of the major strengths Susan possesses is her ability to connect with her clients and help them assess their current life situation. Secondly, through scheduling and planning Susan is able to map out realistic goals that her individual client is able to attain using The Goal Pyramid. This includes three different types of goals that help achieve an individuals over all goal, which consists of a Focus Goal, Process Goal, and Outcome Goal. Thirdly, Susan offers a wide variety of additional information to her clients, upon which they can read and digest on their own time to help them better understand themselves as well as how to improve their mental, physical, and emotional health.

Life Coaching Toronto Professional Susan Hobson

Susan Hobson has an incredible resume that encompasses the highest level of education as well as awards and certifications. As Life Coaching Toronto Professionals of a high caliber are difficult to find, Susan Hobson is every individuals first pick! Having attended the famous Ivy League Princeton University as well as having been on the National Women’s Hockey Team, Susan not only knows what pressure and stress is, but most importantly she knows how to manage it.

It is through the development of performance-enhancing skills, tools, strategies, and habits, that Susan helps each client resolve their personal obstacles in life. As everyone needs guidance in life, nobody is more qualified or experienced than Susan Hobson.

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