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Sometimes life throws you a curve ball.  In my case, it was a barrage of hard balls that hit me like a shot from a canon.  All within months – my marriage had ended, I was laid off from my job, I had to sell my dream home, and with a broken heart and wounded spirit- move in with my parents and start a new life.  I found a job and I liked it, but it was very stressful with a lot of long hours, a long commute and it only just covered my mountain of bills and lawyer fees.  Life was tough with all these major changes and to make matters worse – I got sick.   It was a mysterious illness at first.  I ignored it most days, doing whatever I could, using all my energy to trudge through my work days, then needing to sleep through my weekends.  Everyday life seemed like so much work I lost interest in all the things that once brought me pleasure, I put up walls around me to protect myself and block out everyone, even my friends and family –I gained weight and felt worse everyday.  I was barely living. 
Where had my once happy and vibrant self gone? Was this  how life was going to be from now on? I hated that idea but I couldn’t see how change was even possible.  I felt lost sick, and I didn’t know what to do.
My symptoms got worse.  The multiple doctors that I worked with had multiple theories, and after about two years of medical tests, elimination diets, supplements, frustration and more tests I hit a turning point.  One doctor explained to me that emotions worked as messages from our brains to our bodies and they played a larger role in our health and how we lived our lives than most people realized.   He recommend that I go see Susan Hobson, and to be honest with you –  that was the best thing I have ever done for myself. Susan is increadable and helped ME to turn my life around. 
I am thrilled to report that life is amazing again.  My confidence is back, my health has turned around I’ve lost the weight I was carrying as emotional baggage, I’m in a wonderful relationship with a  fantastic guy and I recall enjoy my job.   I’ve learned to manage my stress and I’m thriving in all aspects if my life.  I feel happy- everyday.  Best of all Susan gave me the tools and knowledge to really take care of myself.  I know that there will likely be bumps in the future but I know that I’ll be able to handle anything that comes my way. 
So my friend, weather you are feeling stuck in life, overwelmed by stress or need some motivation and tips for reaching that seemingly impossible goal- Susan will guide you through it! You will experience  her incredible insight, knowledge,  encouragment and boundless energy first hand and will make changes in your life. 
I could talk for days about all the things that Susan has taught me and helped me overcome along our journey and I would recommend Susan to anyone in a heartbeat.  
She always knows the right thing to say to help me figure out a solution to a blockage that, in many cases I have set up for myself.  She takes the time to get to know you, understand your particular situation and challenges and then knows exactly the right way to empower you and find ways to not just overcome it but overcome and thrive. 

– Best, Aimee

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