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Case Study 3

Before I met Susan I was essentially a prisoner of my own thoughts. I was living life through the lens of my childhood trauma which involved a heartbreaking abandonment by my mother when I was seven. Any sense of security and self-worth left me the day my mother walked out and I became stuck in a constant cycle of perfectionism and people pleasing.

For years I made it my mission to ensure that everything and everyone around me was okay, forsaking my own needs and happiness in the pursuit of love and affection. I was driven by the fear of being abandoned again by those I cared about. Virtually every thought, every interaction, every choice, every reaction was being filtered through this fear of abandonment and the most interesting part is that I was not even aware of it.

I knew that I had deep scars from my childhood but I didn’t know that they were ruling my life. I was anxiety ridden, unfulfilled, unhappy and desperate to find some sort of peace and balance in my life. Enter Susan…

In the two years that I have been meeting with Susan I have gone completely off of anxiety medication, my marriage is stronger than it has ever been, I have come to peace with my mother and have actually become grateful for the adversity I have faced in my life. Susan has made me aware of the limiting beliefs that have ruled me for so many years and has taught me how to make more empowering choices that are aligned with my values and goals. Like an athlete who credits their coach for teaching them strategies to win their big game, I credit Susan for teaching me life altering strategies that are allowing me to design the life that I want.

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