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What does role modelling have to do with strong leadership?

What does role modelling have to do with strong leadership?

In NLP, we use modelling as a strategy for acquiring and integrating resources quickly.
When leading others, this can be one of the most critical strategies for positively impacting and influencing their behaviours.
Only 7% of what we communicate when leading others is based on what we say – 55% is related via our body language and 38% via our vocal tonality.
Powerfully influential leadership requires that you walk the talk – we call this being in a state of congruence in NLP. We must model what we expect from those we lead. Lacking congruence with what you expect of them can create feelings of mistrust and lack of credibility which inevitably will destroy rapport and trust.
Strong leadership requires that you model the courage, confidence, engagement and vulnerability that you want to see in your followers.
Ask yourself to pay attention to what you are role modelling today – is it congruent with what you want to see in them?

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