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Nov 29

EliteLeaders: Break Failure, Embrace Success!

Why Leadership Training is Important? 50% to 70% of executives face failure within 18 months of stepping into a role?  Whether they’re hired externally or promoted from within, the stats don’t lie. According to the Corporate Executive Board (CEB), CEO turnover rates in major North American corporations surged by 50%, and the average CEO tenure […]

Nov 01

Escape Toxic Workplaces with Rob Kalwarowsky

  Are you feeling stuck in a toxic work environment and don’t know what to do? Elite High Performance Leadership coach and TEDx speaker, Rob Kalwarowsky, joins James “JR” Reid on the Coming Up Clutch with JR show.  As a former star athlete who struggled with acceptance from his father, Rob understands the impact of […]

Oct 01

How to Fail at Return to Office in 5 Easy Steps

With executives asking their employees to return to office and doing everything from giving charitable donations to warning employees, many leaders are thinking about how to solve this problem without suffering through massive resignations, protests or becoming the next headline.  The Great Return is such a big event that companies who were fully remote pre-pandemic […]

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