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Mar 27

How To Become A High- Performance Coach

Ever found yourself feeling somewhat unfulfilled despite succeeding in your current career? Perhaps you’re longing for a more purpose-driven profession? If you’re in the mid-life career change boat or simply seeking a rewarding shift, becoming a high-performance coach could be your pathway forward. High-performance coaching transcends the usual responsibilities of a traditional career; it is […]

Feb 28

What Does It Mean to Be a High-Performing Leader?

A high-performance leader is not just a title; it’s a mindset and a set of behaviours that set them apart from the rest. They are visionaries, motivators, and drivers of success. But what does it really mean to be a high-performing leader and how can one become one? Let’s delve deeper into the world of […]

Jan 17

Celebrate the Small Wins. They Matter More Than You Think, and Here’s Why

Lofty goals are valuable. They create purpose, provide a destination, and inspire us to achieve. However, it is equally important to celebrate the small wins we experience along the way in the pursuit of these goals. Small wins matter. They are tangible actions that indicate progress. They demonstrate that you’re on the right path and […]

Nov 08

The Three Leading Causes of Staff Burnout (and How to Prevent Them)

Staff burnout has become a pressing concern for organizations worldwide. As leaders, it is our responsibility to create a supportive and nurturing workplace culture that promotes well-being and sustains performance. In this article, we will explore the leading causes of staff burnout and provide you with five practical tips to prevent employee burnout. Our recommendations […]

Oct 08

Do YOU Think YOUR Beliefs Can Change? Read To Find Out!

Beliefs are deeply ingrained within us. They shape our perspectives, decisions, and actions. But can we change our beliefs? This question has intrigued philosophers, psychologists, and scientists for centuries. In this newsletter, we’ll explore some compelling evidence that supports the notion that belief change is indeed possible. 1. The Neuroplasticity of Belief: Neuroscience research has […]

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