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Ever found yourself feeling somewhat unfulfilled despite succeeding in your current career?

Perhaps you’re longing for a more purpose-driven profession? If you’re in the mid-life career change boat or simply seeking a rewarding shift, becoming a high-performance coach could be your pathway

High-performance coaching transcends the usual responsibilities of a traditional career; it is a practice of fuelling others to reach their true potential – both in their personal and professional pursuits. This transformational career offers an enriching journey that intertwines growth, fulfillment, and the act of empowering others.

Why Become a High-Performance Coach?

As a high-performance coach, your role pivots around purpose and fulfillment. When enabling others to achieve their goals, you create a positive ripple across their life and your career. By leveraging your existing skills developed over the years–communication, leadership, problem-solving–you bring distinct
insights to your coaching. Through your acquired self-awareness and adaptability, rooted in life experiences, career changers find themselves a perfect match for this profession.

How to Become a High-Performance Coach?

1. Certification and Training:

It begins with gaining the right knowledge. Our Elite High-Performance 6 month coaching certification is designed to transform you into an effective coach. It arms you with the tools necessary to ignite lasting behavioural changes in your future clients.

2. Self-Directed Learning:

In addition to formal training, further equip yourself by tapping into a wealth of resources. Books such as “The Coaching Habit” by Michael Bungay Stanier, online platforms like Coursera, and podcasts like “Coaching for Leaders” and our very own “Leadership Launchpad Project” can add valuable refinements to your coaching skillset.

3. Core Skill Development:

The skillsets that make great coaches require consistent & deliberate practice.

*Master Active Listening: Understand the nuances of your clients’ needs and aspirations.
* Goal Setting: Learn to guide clients in setting SMART goals.
* Accountability and Motivation: Develop strategies to maintain client focus and progress.

4. Building Your Business:

*Identify Your Niche: Specialize in a specific area that aligns with your passion and expertise.
* Develop Your Brand: Craft a compelling online presence and valuable content to attract potential clients.
* Network: Build connections at industry events and online platforms to form a robust client base and referral network.

Stepping into the world of high-performance coaching offers a rewarding career loaded with lifelong learning and opportunities to make a difference. This journey, explored in this newsletter, presents a transformative pathway for leaders like you seeking purposeful growth and impact.

Ready for the next step? I invite you to take advantage of our free, 1-on-1 discovery call to discuss if our certification program could be your ideal fit.

Happy leading folks!

MJ Jennings | High-Performance Coach 

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