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Last week, I visited Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica. I took both of these pictures; from the same spot (see the side of the house) within 15 hours of each other.

These 2 pictures taught me a valuable lesson about how a coach is valuable.

When clients walk through my proverbial door, things are never like the clear picture.  You never see the whole beauty of the situation and they are often firefighting to get through their days.

They’re struggling.

From a neuroscience perspective:

  • People are 37% more likely to have lower cognitive function when they have elevated stress.  
  • “Even quite mild acute uncontrollable stress can cause a rapid and dramatic loss of prefrontal cognitive abilities, and more prolonged stress exposure causes architectural changes in prefrontal dendrites.” – Amy Arsten (2009)


That’s a lot of neuroscience so let’s simplify it a bit 🙂

From a neuroscience perspective, you can’t see the bigger picture while being stressed.

In short, stress makes it impossible to see the volcano through the clouds.

That’s the value of a coach.

We can see the bigger picture.  We can teach you the mindset & leadership strategies to take control back and reduce stress.  We can push the clouds aside for you to see the volcano.

Do you want to miss out on the opportunity to see the bigger picture?  To miss out on getting better results more easily and quickly?  

If not, book a consult with us and become an Elite Leader today.


Rob Kalwarowsky | Leadership & High-Performance Coach 

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