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Why Don’t I Feel Confident?

Confidence is the required foundation that we need to go after opportunities, perform at a high level and explore our potential. If you’re like me, you’ve wished to feel more confident and wondered if some people are just born with it.

Fortunately, confidence is a state of mind that we can nurture and strengthen.

Confidence boils down to our brain predicting success over failure. If our brain predicts we will be successful, we get the green light and that translates into a confident state. If our brain doesn’t predict something will go well for us, that’s a red light with the outcome being a state of anxiety and fear. Our brain constantly makes these predictions behind the scenes by filtering through our past memories to look for proof of success.

In the past this is what tripped me up in my desire to be more confident because like many high achievers I had a perspective that success means perfect results or at least meeting a high standard. I could only label those elusive championship moments as success. 

Perfection doesn’t exist but I was definitely conditioned via culture and media to believe it does. As a result I unconsciously held that standard for myself. From a mindset perspective I was actually setting myself up for lack of confidence.  

That’s why learning how to connect with the principals of a high performance mindset has allowed me to build more confidence. Via that mindset I intentionally connect with all of my progress as a benchmark for success. Where did I show up, figure it out, learn and improve? All that progress forms building blocks of proof that I can use to elicit a confident state. 

The transformation can happen for you too by making a mental practice of solidifying those points of progress as victories. That discipline around making time for the mental gym is what we always describe at Elite at as the high performance “lifestyle.” 

If you’re working on adopting new mindset principles, you must have consistency around those mental gym routines to impact your subconscious mind and create new habits of thinking. If you need help creating a high performance lifestyle that supports confidence and you’re looking for ideas and accountability please reach out to me. 

Let’s going keep going and growing,

Coach Liane Wansbrough | High-Performance Coach 

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