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Introvert? Extrovert? Introverted extrovert? We often use labels like these to explain people’s behaviors and preferences in social situations. Introverts prefer to be on their own but when they are in social settings, they tend to need breaks for alone time. Extroverts are people who characteristically are ‘social butterflies’ and really prefer being around people than being alone. 


The term “Social Battery” has been used to explain the amount of energy a person has for socializing. Extroverts tend to recharge their batteries through being around people–being alone drains their battery. Introverts tend to recharge their social batteries through alone time–being around people tends to drain their battery. But this is the equation that you get to look at and understand if you’re someone who has self-awareness in this area. If you’re reading this and thinking to yourself: introverted extrovert? Social battery? I encourage you to take some time to get to know who you are as a human being in relation to social situations. 


Some questions you can ask yourself are: Do I look forward to going to social events? Do I prefer small groups instead of larger ones? Do I feel tired or energized after being with a group of people? Do I seek out or avoid social situations? This will help you get an understanding of you are as a social person. The next step is being able to identify where your social battery is at and then be able to make self care decisions with that in mind. Are you feeling drained and tired as someone who enjoys social interaction? It may be hard for you to want to put in the effort to schedule something and get ready to go but being someone who is aware of the fact that you enjoy these things and feel energized after them will help motivate you to do it. 


On the flip side, you may be someone who spends a lot of time with people, maybe in your job, or with your team but you may also need to spend time alone to ‘recharge’. In that instance, being able to recognize you’re feeling drained and have the confidence to forgo the post work drinks or extracurricular to spend time with yourself is just as important. 


Knowing yourself is important because it allows you to make decisions that set you up for success regardless of the environment you’re in.


Lauren Williams | High Performance Coach

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