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World-famous architect, Christopher Wren, was commissioned to rebuild St Paul’s Cathedral following the Great Fire of London in the 1660s.

One day during the reconstruction efforts, he observed three bricklayers. He approached them and asked “What are you doing?”

The first bricklayer replied “I’m a bricklayer. I’m laying bricks.”

The second bricklayer replied “I’m a builder. I’m building a wall.”

The third bricklayer replied “I’m a cathedral builder. I’m building a cathedral that will service millions of people for years to come.”

The same wall. The same work. Different perspectives.

Do you see your work as a job (bricklayer #1), an occupation (bricklayer #2) or a calling (bricklayer #3)?

A calling aligns us with our need to matter and make a difference in the world around us. Our satisfaction, enjoyment, and engagement on the job is impacted by our ability to align our work with our purpose.

What’s the “cathedral” that you’re building with your work, and how can you help those you lead to identify and build their own?

Book a free consultation with me to learn more about how you can help others find their calling.

Thanks, and happy leading folks!

-Coach MJ


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