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Boy of boy, do we ever have a game-changing interview on the podcast for you today…

On this week’s episode of The Leadership Launchpad Project, former CIA agent, Gwen Cooper joins the show. 

Gwen talks to us about how the CIA impacted her leadership, why human connection is the key to leadership, and the impacts of culture on communication. 

Check out her interview, Leadership Lessons from the CIA on The Leadership Launchpad Project here.

If you want to measure and improve your team’s psychological safety to improve their performance and capture all of the benefits, my co-host Rob Kalwarowsky is now a fully certified ‘Fearless Organization Practitioner’ and is offering psychological safety assessments. 

If this sounds like something you need, or if you are unsure whether or not it is something you and your team/organization need to optimize potential, you can learn more here.

The world is starting to open up again, and that means it’s time for us leaders to prepare ourselves and our people to get back in the game. 

We started this Leadership 2.0 mission during the world pandemic because we believe this world needs this type of heart-centric, people-centric leadership more than ever.

Not only are we tasked with the challenge of getting back in the game post-pandemic, but we now have a chance, a silver lining in all this global disruption if you will, to change the way the game of life and business is being played forever. 

We need you on our mission, so please share this episode with your tribe and help us spread the powerful, positive ripple effect of these game-changing leadership strategies, when this world clearly needs us, leaders, to model what it will take to change the game forever. 

Your highest potential is our passion, so let’s go, it’s time to level up your leadership mindset strategies so we can unleash that potential together!

-Coach Susan

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