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Can You Drive Better Results Being Empathetic?

Can you use empathy and drive even better business results? 

Are empathy, vulnerability, and building authentic connection relationship-building tools that male leaders use as well as female leaders?

How do we overcome the stigma that men need to be emotionally stoic, authoritarian, and non-empathetic as leaders to drive results on their teams?

Tracey Allen, VP of IT Procurement at Nokia joins Rob Kalwarowsky and I on The Leadership Launchpad Project podcast this week to unpack those questions and so much more around high-impact Leadership 2.0 strategies. 

We talk about how to drive even better results while being empathetic, building trust, and using emotional intelligence – the Leadership 2.0 strategies that foster High-Performance teams. 

You can check out this week’s episode here.

The surge has already begun and new-school leadership is rising the tide that will lift all boats – we need you on this mission more than ever, to help us spread the powerful, positive ripple effect that will change the way the game of life and business is being played forever. 

So please, share this episode in your locker rooms and with your tribes.

Your highest potential is our passion, so let’s unleash it together!

-Coach Susan

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