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We’ve all had that kick-starter kind of experience where you get a sudden burst of inspiration to do something. Maybe it was seeing your first professional game or meet, meeting your idol, watching your favourite sports movie/show/documentary, it doesn’t really matter what the event is, what matters is the feeling you leave with; inspiration.

You’ve now seen what reaching your goal looks like and are now hungrier than ever to go out and do the work to achieve it. 

But like all things, these feelings often come and go, and as the euphoria of that event wears away, so does our inspiration and motivation to keep moving forward.

Training days get harder, practices seem like work instead of fun, and even games seem more stressful than enjoyable. Inspiration often comes along with a long-term goal, or ideal that we set for ourselves—and if we aren’t reminded often of what that goal is, our commitment and motivation falter. 

I talk about this ALL THE TIME with athletes. Why? Because the work is hard, period. Sometimes it’s not enjoyable and it is extremely easy to get lost in the day-to-day experiences we have; to not see the forest through the trees…to completely forget about our reason WHY. Why started in the first place, why it was so important to us.

If you want to keep your levels of inspiration, motivation, and commitment high, you have to keep that why factor, the end in mind…IN MIND! It takes doing the work and showing up for yourself, reminding yourself why, and keeping yourself accountable to that end goal you felt so passionate about when you started.

-Coach Lauren

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