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There is nothing powerful about a leader that is ‘closed up shop’ emotionally. 

In fact, learning how to exercise vulnerability is one of the most powerful strategies a leader can practice, hone and cultivate. 

It all starts with you and you learning how to be open, honest and real with your inner world, your thoughts and yes, even your feelings – it quite literally is the starting point to connection with other human beings. 

And to take it further, connection between two human brains requires that you can see each other emotionally – emotionally resonate with one another. 

And it is this very connection that is required to develop trust, rapport and influence as a leader. 

Want to be powerfully influential as a leader? You simply MUST practice being powerfully vulnerable first. Now is the perfect time to start reflecting on how you can be more open and honest with what your current state is. Take a walk outside in nature and get closer to the real and honest you, in preparation to powerfully and vulnerably lead others.

-Coach Susan


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