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Nothing steals your valuable energy more than lacking recovery skills during COVID-19.

And your energy is the key that unlocks your ability to influence and impact your world.

We are seeing more burnout than ever coaching High-Achievers – lacking adequate rest and physical recovery time, is not only reckless but a ticking time bomb to your performance.

We are seeing eject buttons – avoiding dealing with difficult emotions by suppressing and repressing and denying them – almost always, like a balloon pushes under water, pop up like that when you least expect it.

We are seeing glass ceilings – people failing to manage their mindset often stop growing, stop caring and quickly fall behind or are forced to drop out of the race completely.

Whichever one gets you through our door, we are grateful, because clearly, there is an energy drain somewhere and you have lost your power to change on your own.

The important thing here is to recognize that failing to work on your recovery skills will cost you one of your most valuable, finite and requisite for success, resources – your energy.

Don’t wait for the brick wall friends – if you relate to any of these examples maybe it’s time to drop us a line and see how we can help…? We are here to support you through COVID-19 to be a High-Performer!

 -Coach Susan

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