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As you know from following along here in The Mental Gym, our core belief is that mindset is absolutely everything when it comes to accelerating your rate of performance growth.
You have two choices of during self-isolation, change your mindset to level-up or stay in a mindset based in fear.

So which mindset is THE MOST powerful growth accelerant when it comes to LevellingUp?

One that believes:
“The purpose of life for all human beings is to realize our highest potential so that we can have maximum impact on this world in this lifetime.”
“Growth is constant and continuous – there is always more for us to become.”
“Consistent growth brings max levels of personal satisfaction and fulfillment in our lives.”
“Falling in love with the process of growth is essential.”
“Our legacy will be how much we grew and the level of positive impact we had on the lives of others as a result of our growth habits.”
-Coach Susan

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