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We love this infamous saying in the personal development world – clarity is power.


We love it because it reminds us of how incredibly powerful seeking and sustaining clarity can be for your growth.
You’ll often hear us preach that awareness is the #1 growth accelerant of them all. We emphasize that because it is THE mental resource that helps things amplify, expand, compound, proliferate the most.
What you focus on expands – whether its focusing on problems or solutions, in yourself, in others, in the world – where attention goes, it will grow.
As we set the foundation to launch into 2020 with a strong vision for the growth we want to realize in 2020, it’s imperative that we focus in on the power of clarity.
To maximize our growth, we must harness this precious resource of awareness, and double down on the areas that need our attention the most.
Test out your clarity by identifying which 5 things need your awareness the most in January in order to take the focused, intentional action required to maximize your growth vision for 2020. And don’t be afraid to use us as a clarity accountability partner by listing your top areas of focus below.

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