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Sure, you can try to LevelUp on your own – but it won’t take you long to learn that LevellingUp is really a team sport.
That is if you expect to sustain the level of output required to actually make it happen.
It takes a heck of a lot of energy, motivation, confidence, focus, and clarity to make shit happen in a next level way – so if you’re running solo, who is going to be there, in your corner, when any of these things starts to dip?
We are limited by our own subjective experience of ourselves – it naturally creates many blind spots in our performance. If you’re trying to grow in a silo, who will help you identify these roadblocks?
Intention to grow may get you started, but when it comes to sustainable, massive action that is required to LevelUp, who will hold you accountable when life’s many distractions pull at your focus?
If you had all the resources you needed to get to that next level inside of you already, you’d probably be there by now. The best way to acquire the missing resources you need to LevelUp is to align yourself with mentors or role models that already have those missing resources.
And how about when it’s time to celebrate the victories along the way? Teammates are the best when it comes to this one – celebrating your wins with your inner growth circles releases oxytocin in the brain – one powerful way to build and boost levels of confidence and joy along the growth way.
Now LevellingUp sounds like wayyyyy more fun when done as a team sport, doesn’t it?!

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