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So you know it’s time to level up because you notice several of the symptoms we mentioned in the last post manifesting in your life right now – you’re bored at work, you feel unfulfilled in your relationship, you’re frustrated with a plateau in your exercise routine.

So what are the best strategies to reach for when it’s time that this train started leaving the station again?…

Once you have super duper clarity on where this train is headed (go back a couple of posts if you missed our lesson starting with the end in mind), it’s time to reach into your performance toolbox and start exercising some of our fav UpLevelling strategies.

Here are are top 5:

Make your intention to LevelUp known – that’s right, one of our fav and most powerful strategies for UpLevelling is to say it loud, announce it to your tribe, put it out into the universe, scream it from the rooftops. Social accountability systems are some of the strongest ones (if we put it out there to people who will ask us about it, then we have to make shit happen).
Put money on it – what better investment than you and your growth, right? Betting on you also ups accountability levels in the brain btw. This one simple act reinforces your level of commitment and buy in to showing up, following through and doing the actual work.
Who will be your coach? It’s nearly impossible to get to the next level without someone in your corner, predictably and reliably there to push you outside your comfort zone, challenge you to think bigger and go deeper, and help you develop the BEST strategies for your growth to occur. You can only go and grow so far in your own subjective experience of yourself.
LevelUp your squad – @BrendonBurchard loves this strategy too, and that’s what he calls it when you surround yourself by the right teammates, there to help with all of the above fore mentioned things. Mastermind groups with like-minded people on similar journeys are simply a requisite when you get to the big leagues of your growth.
Commit to yourself – at the end of the day, the most important person to be accountable to when you know it’s time to LevelUp is YOU! When you’re committed to the High-Performance journey, you know that it all starts with self-integrity. Your brain keeps track when you let yourself down you know. Doing so can erode valuable confidence, trust and self-esteem – all which are requisite brain resources to achieving your goals.
Which one of these strategies can you work on building out today? We want to know – let us be your accountability buddies. As you can see, even leaving a comment is a wonderful place to start with strategy #1.

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