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If you said yes, keep reading this post all the way through, because today is your lucky day!

It’s a new month and that means it’s time for a new hot topic here in The Mental Gym – this month, we are excited to dive deeply into all things LevellingUp.

What a hot topic this one is?! High-Performers everywhere are using this terminology right now to describe their desire to catapult their performance to the next level.

Notice we said catapult, not take or incrementally grow. That’s because High-Performers pride themselves on setting high standards of excellence for themselves. Goals that stretch them and constantly compel them to up level their game.

LevellingUp is all about breakthrough, exponential, explosive levels of performance potential growth.

Like a rocket ship ascending into orbit, High-Performers are on a mission to realize their fullest potential, and therefore, are disciplined to habitually let go of that which no longer serves them, while reaching towards that which they need to become more of/develop, cultivate or improve.

LevellingUp is about challenging yourself to get clear, purposeful and passionate about where you are going and growing and why. A powerful why, in fact, is the fuel in your rocket ship.

LevellingUp is about busting through the glass ceilings on your growth – identifying where you are stuck, held back, roadblocked, slowed down, drained, confused, unmotivated, self-doubting or lost.

We can hardly wait to unpack this incredibly hot topic with you all over the next month, so please, jump in here and leave us a comment letting us know where in your performance, you are READY to LevelUp?…we want to help!

-Coach Susan and the Elite Dream Team

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