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Valentines Day is a great anchor for this high-performance strategy – an entire day devoted to showing those we love most how grateful we are to have them in our lives.

But why wait for a Hallmark holiday to practice this performance-enhancing brain training technique? And why practice it only once a year?

When’s the last time you looked at the work you love, the sport you love, the art you love or the food or music you love and said a big ol’ THANK-YOU!

The art of practicing gratitude for that which we love helps it grow in our awareness, helping us feel more of the love, appreciate it more deeply, providing us with more of the nourishment that comes with experiencing the love more fully.

What we focus on expands in our reality and expanding the feelings of love and gratitude for those sources in our lives that act as portals to more joy, fulfilment, passion and connection, is one killer brain training move that will help fuel you with more and more the powerful performance-driving emotion we call LOVE.

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