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Happy Monday…,

I’m just putting the final touches on my workshop for Google this week on the mindset of peak state and I thought I’d close off our month-long deep dive focus on this topic by bringing you some of the key highlights from this concept as today’s message.

The mindset of peak state is one that is hard wired to value growth and therefore is one that seeks any opportunity for growth to happen.

It is progression that is the goal in this mindset, not perfection. And this really is one of the key distinctions in this mindset because progression is a goal that our brain knows it can always achieve.

As long as the brain knows that when it seeks challenge and takes risk to go outside its comfort zone that it can trust its level of ability and intelligence to be able to navigate what comes up successfully, then it will open up shop and give you access to the mental resources you need to be able to do its best work (this is the peak state where you play your biggest game and maximize growth as a result).

And where it makes mistakes, it filters this through the belief that its feedback, not failure, meaning that as long as dials into the valuable intel available to it where it falls short, asking itself, why did I make this mistake? And how can I make improvements so that I can learn and develop as a result of making this mistake? Then it is guaranteed to grow as a result of making the mistakes and sees them as valuable opportunities for growth to happen.

Approaching performance in this way brings maximum satisfaction and fulfillment as a result of taking the risk and stretching itself outside its comfort zone, which makes this a highly sustainable strategy for success.

All of this put together is what maximizes your rate of growth (the rate at which you improve) over time, making it a killer mindset for peak performance over a lifetime, leading to max potential being realized.

Hope you’ve enjoyed learning about peak state over the last month or so, and I can hardly wait for you to see what we have in store for you next here in the mental gym….

Until next time, make every performance count!

-Coach Susan

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